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Love Our Product? Become A Franchise Owner and Benefit From Sales

Sailboat Deck

Franchise Opportunity

Our low cost franchise allows boaters, marinas, marina gas stations or waterside restaurants to profit from the questions: "Where can I get that fender for my boat or dock?" or "How do I let my franchise pay for my hobby?” 


At HullGuard we want our customers to have the best product, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again.  That's why we believe that all owners of a franchise can be the most important factor in product exposure and sales.  All franchise owners get 15% discount on sales. Additionally, HullGuard franchise owners receive bonus rewards for finding new franchise owners. 


Consult with an accountant to maximize the tax benefits of our program. 


Contact us to discuss the benefits of our program.  Below you'll find a franchise document for your download and review.  When executed, scan it and email it to us for review.

You can pay online once your application has been accepted. 


Please don't hesitate.  

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