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Suitable For Small & Large Docks


If you are a harbormaster, a boat marina, a restaurant with boat docking, or a boating gas station, then you know that docking a boat safely, without damage, is the hardest part of coming into shore. 

An easy solution is to add our HullGuard products to your docks and mooring posts. 

Install and see how it takes the stress out of docking for your boating customers.

Each HullGuard is modular, and can easily link to additional HullGuards to be placed in a line or wrapped around a mooring post. Available now and ready to ship!

Why Buy From HullGuard?

HullGuard  is the World's Best "SINGLE" Modular Boat Fender for all of your boating needs. Plus it's made in the USA.

Designed by boaters with 8o years of boating experience and technology research.

We saw the need for something better than traditional boat fenders.  Ours can be secured to the dock itself in many different configurations.

Most fenders are expensive, hard to procure and not particularly effective. Ours are affordable, In stock and provide the best protection.

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